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The Ghosts of You and Me


a unique immersive musical theatre experience created with Less than Jake
by Iñaki Piérola

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“The Ghosts of You and Me” is a one-of-a-kind immersive musical theatre experience based on one of the best ska-punk albums ever made: “Anthem” by Less Than Jake. Set in the iconic late 90s “The Ghosts of You and Me” brings to life the deepest and purest emotions of love, fear, and joy and shows the importance of community and letting go, through the power of music and interaction with the spectators. 

The audience will be guided through four unique sets, each one representing a different facet of the story, and they will be an active part of the play, invited to engage with the characters and the world around them.

It is time to start a new life in the vibrant New South, where the spirits of the past meet the challenges of the present and the power of friendship and music unite a group of unlikely characters in their quest for meaning, remembering, and forgetting. 

Join us in this journey as we dive into the heart of Less Than Jake’s music and explore the transformative power of art and community.




‘As the doors opened, a dazzling sight unfolded before me: the colorful and vibrant city of New South. At the entrance, a skatepark was welcoming us, flanked by towering buildings and a beautiful terrace on the other side. The faint sound of a bustling bar emanated from behind the stage, which rised up majestically in the center, presided over by the band. Suddenly, the first chords of the music electrified the air, and my heart started racing with anticipation.’

-A probably famous writer for the New York Times

“The Ghosts of You and Me” takes immersive theatre to a whole new level. Imagine experiencing the thrill of a live show and the depth of musical theatre, all in one. The play will be staged in a unique open space, such as a warehouse, a big loft, or an old factory. We’re breaking free from the conventions of a traditional stage and giving you the chance to become part of New South, living through the lives of the characters for the next two hours.

The space is divided into four distinct areas, all centered around the band as they perform in the heart of the city. Picture walking through the outskirts of the city before reaching the entrance, where a skatepark will welcome you. Above it all, the band takes center stage, more than just performers, they’re the gods of New South. On one side, a cozy patio; on the other, the bustling city, full of lights and life. And let’s not forget the bar, where Jen Gainesville works and is sure to provide a great time (just remember she doesn’t take requests, or else she will play The Smiths)

From the top, the whole space forms a cross, with the band able to play in either the north (the bar) or the south (the skatepark and outskirts). The main city area is to the east and the patio is to the west. And if you need a break during your stay, there are two 10-minute intermissions where local performers from the city hosting “The Ghosts of You and Me” will be invited to entertain and give them a chance to perform in New South.

But wait, there’s more! We’re opening up the skatepark for some additional fun, where locals can come skate and record some sick fisheye videos while the play is running. “The Ghosts of You and Me” is an immersive experience that you won’t want to miss.story

“The Ghosts of You and Me” tells the story of Laverne Shira, a talented artist, and single mother, and Tom Collins, a former high school athlete struggling to find his place in the world. 

The story begins on the outskirts of New South, not far from the St. James Hotel, where Laverne returns to town with a group of visitors (audience), all seeking to confront the ghosts of their past. Tom welcomes them all, igniting a thrilling adventure that takes the audience on a journey through the characters’ lives.

As Laverne reconnects with her childhood friend Tom, she faces the challenges of her past and present, including her struggles as an artist and single mother, and her unresolved feelings for her ex. Meanwhile, Tom grapples with his rocky relationship with Jen Gainesville, a local bartender, and musician. Through the play, the rest of the group is introduced, each with their own set of challenges and insecurities. We get to know Danny, one of Laverne’s best friends, who suffered from a terrible loss in the past, and Pete, every day struggling with his own issues yet offering free advice for everyone.

As the story unfolds, tensions arise within the group, with each character’s baggage coming to light. In Act 2, each character realizes they must confront their personal issues, with Tom leaving home, Laverne seeking reconciliation with her ex-boyfriend and father of her child, and Danny becoming increasingly attached to his deceased ex-girlfriend being the main pivoting points.

The play culminates in a powerful finale, where Danny acts as a catalyst for the characters to let go of their pasts, accept reality, and move on. Through an immersive and emotional journey, “The Ghosts of You and Me” explores the transformative power of music and the importance of accepting and releasing one’s past.




The play will have five main characters and ideally three to five supporting actors playing different roles. Finally, the five-member band (resembling LTJ) will also engage with the audience and other members of the cast throughout the performance.


Tom Collins (M): former high school athlete, but has fallen on hard times and is trying to find his place in the world. Sensitive and introspective, but can also be impulsive and hot-headed. His friends remind him of how cool of a skater he used to be and should not have stopped for athletics. Relationships: In a not-perfect relationship with Jen Gainesville. Songs: Welcome to New South. Look what happened. Short Fuse Burning. Motown Never Sounded so Good. Escape from the A-Bomb House. The Brightest Lightbulb… Main male role

Jen Gainesville (F): passionate musician and bartender who embodies the punk rock ethos of nonconformity and rebellion. Charismatic and fearless, but also struggles with trust issues due to a past betrayal. Relationships: Dates Tom Collins. Good friends with Danny Fiorello. Songs: Look what happened. Motown Never Sounded so Good. Escape from the A-Bomb House. Plastic cup politics. The brightest lightbulb…

Laverne Shira (F): a talented artist and single mother struggling to make ends meet. Fiercely independent and resilient, but also harbors deep insecurities and doubts about her abilities as a parent and a creative. Relationships: Childhood friends with Tom Collins. Songs: Look what happened (last bit). Short Fuse Burning. Motown Never Sounded so Good. Best Wishes to Your Black Lung. Plastic cup politics. The brightest lightbulb… Main female role

Pete Ramsbee (M): a cynical writer working in a family owned record store who feels disillusioned with the state of the world. He is sharp-witted and sarcastic, but also deeply empathetic and introspective. Drinker. Relationships: Has a piece of advice for everyone, yet his life is a mess. In good terms with everyone else. Songs: The science of selling yourself short. Motown Never Sounded so Good. The brightest lightbulb…

Danny Fiorello (M): a charismatic musician and sound engineer who has a dark past that he is trying to escape. Charming and magnetic, but struggles with addiction and trauma from the past. Younger than the rest. Relationships: Admires Tom Collins, good friends with Jen Gainesville. Doesn’t want to move on. Songs: The Ghost of Me and You. Motown Never Sounded so Good. The Upwards War and the Down Turned Cycle. That’s why they call it a Union. The brightest lightbulb…


Options for supporting characters to add to the story:

  • Mr (Master) Mogana from “Yo-Yo Ninja Boy”

  • Dick Ramsbee from “Son of Dick” CM4’s dad

  • Mark Cruce from “Mr. Chevy Celebrity”

  • Johnny Quest from “Johnny Quest Thinks We Are Sellouts”

  • Mike Sinkovich from “Where the Hell is Mike Sinkovich?”

  • Rich Allen George AKA Cheez from “Cheez”

Songs & summary

Act 1

1. Welcome to New South Tom: introduction to the musical, guide audience to the town, introduce to Laverne.

2. The Ghosts of Me and You Danny: character confronts the past of dead ex-gf.

3. Look What Happened Laverne+Tom: both characters have issues in their own relationships. Introduction to Pete, joins with own work/boss-related issue. 

4. The Science of Selling Yourself Short Pete: giving advice to the rest. Jen joins.

5. Short Fuse Burning Tom + Laverne: tired of work, overwhelmed and having problems with love life. Get into a fight in the bar with others.

6. Motown Never Sounded so Good. Tutti: not satisfied with their own lives. Could go before Short Fuse Burning to fit the script 


Act 2

7. The Upwards War and the Down Turned Cycle Danny: if none of his friends are trying to move on and fight their past issues, why does he has to?

8. Escape From the A-Bomb House Tom: leaving home, house problems. It is too about leaving Jen. Break point.

9. Best Wishes to Your Black Lung Laverne: was hopeful about going back with ex-boyfriend, but finds out he has not changed and she’s not the only one in his life. End in tutti.

10. She’s Gonna Break Soon Tom, Pete, Danny: about Jen and her new life.


Act 3

11. That’s why they call it a Union Danny sings to Tom: why does Tom decide to leave home and leave his girlfriend? “Forgive me tonight for what I'm going to say”. Danny feels that he had a much harder life and does not understand why how Tom having everything in life (and specially a loved one still alive) decides to leave everything behind.

12. Plastic cup politics Jen, Laverne: Talk from the female characters to the male ones in the bar.

(Tom fixes family issues and let’s go of Jen. Jen accepts reality and ends up in good terms with Tom. Laverne closes forever the door to ex, who tries to come back one more time. Pete stops blaming the world for his own issues and opens his feelings (reveals sexuality?). Danny lets go of his memories, puts life back in track)

13. The Brightest Lightbulb Has Burned Out Tom, Laverne sing to each other about letting go of their partners. Pete joins when it comes to letting go of his anger toward his parents. Jen joins about letting go of his relationship with Tom but on good terms. Finally, Danny joins about letting go of his dead ex girlfriend and past. It’s the finale. Tutti.

14. Reprise. Surrender.


Songs might be stretched, shorted, or slightly modified to fit the storyline.


Additional optional songs:

  • Keep on Chasing Laverne between 7 and 8. Tom joins for harmonies. Laverne finishes the last line.

  • Things Change. The song can be included for the Tom and Jen breakup.

  • Good Sign. Alternative finale OR after 13 and 14.

  • All My Friends are Metalheads. Does not develop the story, but sick-ass song that should be added to Act 1.

  • Jen Doesn’t Like Me Anymore. Tom 

  • Mixology of Tom Collins Tom

  • Danny Says a song about Danny  “He's just getting by, on its memories”

  • Scott Farcas Takes It On The Chin Danny About leaving the town

Script demo

Act 1

Scene 1

As the audience waits in the underground art gallery, surrounded by the breathtaking work from actual local artists, Johnny Quest (Supporting Actor 1), the gallery owner, steps forward to welcome them to the unforgettable journey they are about to embark on.


JOHNNY QUEST (Supporting Actor 1): Welcome, welcome, everyone. You’re in for an incredible experience. I hope you’ve all enjoyed the art on display today, some of which was created by our promising artist Laverne Shira, who should be around here… somewhere (looking around into the audience). Anway (changing the tone back to mysterious and thrilled). Now, get ready to be amazed. But first, a quick reminder: please refrain from using your phones during the play, it’s the 90s, I don’t think anybody is carrying one of these around, correct? (showing one of the first mobile phone prototypes). There will also be two intermissions for you to take a break and enjoy some of our local musicians. Now, are you ready to chase ghosts of the past and discover the secrets that lie ahead? (crow answers) Are you ready to have an unforgettable time? (crowd answers, increasing in excitement) Are you ready to sing and dance?! Then let’s go to New South!


As JOHNNY QUEST concludes his speech, the curtain behind him rises to the sound of the first chords of “Welcome to New South”. The city of New South is revealed at the end of the road, with the “New South” sign on the right and the old St. James Hotel on the left. Near the city entrance, there’s a camping tent and chairs surrounding an extinguished fireplace where someone clearly spent the night. Tom Collins approaches the audience from the road, waving his hand in welcome.


TOM: Hey guys, I’m waiting for somebody, an old friend

Exictedly emerging from the audience, Laverne rushes over to Tom for a long-awaited hug.


TOM: Laverne! It’s been two years, right?

LAVERNE: I am so happy to be back, as much as I wanted to escape, there is something about this place that keeps drawing me back.

As they begin walking toward the city, Laverne faces the audience.

LAVERNE: And look at all the people who are coming today! (turns back to Tom and back to the audience) you think we can show them around? (excited, audience cheers)

TOM: I can’t wait! (to everyone) Follow me!



(TOM) Welcome home, outcasts, because I know how you have felt over the years

The truth is that looking at me is like looking in the mirror (TOM looks at himself in one of the car reflections)

And I know how it feels to be the best part of a running joke to all of your friends


TOM, LAVERNE: And to be on the edge of your bed

With your head buried in your hands

Wishing that everything would end

Yeah, I know how it feels to be the loneliest


LAVERNE (to the audience, as they walk towards the city): Welcome back, outcasts, because I've told myself that it would be alright

Probably about a million times over every minute of all my life

I know how it feels to be so confused that you're so far out of control


TOM, LAVERNE: And to be on the edge of your bed

With your head buried in your hands

Wishing that everything would end

Yeah, I know how it feels to be the loneliest


Song vamps as audience and cast are reaching the city. Laverne wants to ask about the rest of their friends.

LAVERNE: so what about the rest of the gang? I can’t wait to see them! How are they doing? Are you still with… Jen?

They sit down in the chairs in the camping place. The lights from the main stage in the center of the space dim and Tom hesitates.

TOM: well, um… (avoiding to answer, playing with some sticks and cans) they will be so excited to see you. Pete is doing great at his job, but you know him, can’t keep his mouth shut for a second and he’s thinking of joining a Union (both laught). And Danny…

(song continues)

TOM: So you sit and wait for a sign

That the coming days will be alright

And you drink so you can forget another night

TOM, LAVERNE: Bruised from the blackouts, and your blood red eyes

Try to start looking for the brighter side

They both stand up, looking at the audience, looking for a “sign”

Yeah, wait for a sign

Wait for a sign, wait for a sign

Lights up from the stage, all the eyes point at the scene and to the city. Tom walks first.

TOM: Welcome home, everything will be alright

Tom on top of the skate ramp

Welcome home, outcasts, because I know just how you felt over the years

TOM, LAVERNE (engaging with the audience): The truth is that looking at me is like looking in the mirror

And I know how it feels to be the best part of a running joke all of your life

Welcome home

Outcasts, welcome home

Outcasts, welcome home

Outcasts, welcome home

Welcome home!

Music ends.

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