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Born in the Basque Country and currently based in Shanghai, China, I am a creative soul with a passion for the arts. As a lover of immersive experiences, I believe that music, photography, and other art forms can transport us to different worlds, allowing us to disconnect from reality or appreciate our world in new ways.

My background in music theory
 led me to discover my love of music composition and production, which I now explore through a range of different instruments and digital tools. Inspired by movies, musical theatre, and theme parks, I strive to create music that takes listeners on a journey, telling a story through sound.

In addition to music, I am also a passionate photographer, using composition and perspective to tell visual stories that captivate and intrigue. I believe that even with limited resources, it's possible to create beautiful and unique images that have their own personality.


In the past, I completed two major projects that significantly impacted my artistic journey. The first was "SOMEONE: the musical," a collaboration with director Ivan Matsumoto, where I served as Music Director, contributing compositions and music arrangements. The musical had two successful showcases and was fully developed and performed in 2021. The second project was a photography exhibition in Shanghai, featuring my "WHAT'S THE PRICE?" project, in partnership with the REECO (Returning Plates) initiative. In addition to the prints, I created an immersive experience, complete with background music, to transport viewers into the world of the images. The exhibition took place in late January 2021 at the Baishine Gallery in Shanghai.

Currently, my main focus is on composing for musical theatre. I am collaborating with a school in Spain to bring The Greatest Showman to life and have been composing new original songs for the production. In addition to this exciting project, I am also pursuing my freelance and entrepreneurial career, combining my strongest skills in music, photography, and social events.

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