Born in the Basque Country and currently living in Shanghai, China. Always been driven by all kinds of arts and cannot stop learning new things. I love immersive universes, and I feel like arts (photography, painting, music…) is a good way to tell stories that make us travel, disconnect from reality or sometimes even appreciate better our world.

The art field that influenced my life the most is certainly
music. My family signed me up in a local music school where I studied Music Theory and Flute until the age of 16. Soon grew interest for other musical instruments and realised my foundations could help me quickly learn other instruments and make arrangements.

I didn’t realize I could compose till the age of 20. Firstly simple guitar tracks but the compositions soon got more complex and elaborate as soon as I discovered the beautiful and immense world of the DAWs and virtual instruments. After hours of YouTube tutorials, some online courses and a lot of nights doodling around with plugins and real instruments I got to the point where I am
trying to mix different genres to create my own music personality and touch. As a huge fan of movies, theatre and theme parks, I always try to make compositions that as soon as you listening to them, they take you to a completely different universe and make you feel there is a story behind them (I try).

I could probably say the same about my photography. In the era of social media and the quick access to information, most of the people know me better for my photography than for my music composition.
It is always faster to check a photo on Instagram than a whole 3 minute track. I believe that good composition and right angles and other little tricks are necessary when you have inexpensive gear like in this case. But I really enjoy the idea of pictures having their own personality and tell a different story, like if they would belong into a movie and somebody just screenshot a frame.

What about video? Well, just a mix of the other 2 from above. Making music for videos just helps me show other people how to see the world through my eyes.

At the current most of my free time efforts are focused in two main projects:


- Someone: the musical (@someone_the_musical), directed by Ivan Matsumoto, where I collaborate as a Music Director, helping with the compositions and specially doing music arrangements. This musical had already 2 showcases: July 2020 was "Hannah's story" showcase and more recently December 2020 we represented "Drew's story" teaser. "Drew's story" will be fully developed during the 2021 year and will be represented in 2 different acts. First one aiming for March 2021 and second one for June 2021.

- Preparing my photography exhibition about the "What's the price?" photography project together with the REECO (Returning Plates) initiative in Shanghai. I am not just printing and framing the pictures but preparing a whole inversive experience including background ambience neoclassical music. The exhibition is planned to happen the last week of January 2021 in the Baishine gallery, Shanghai.